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About Us

Midas Swellendam was purchased in March 2004 by a local businessman, starting off with a modest staff complement of only two staff members, the branch now has 10 employees working in store.

In 2010 a second branch was opened in Bredasdorp and together we have been able to move forward by introducing a greater range of products to our community.

Midas is a retail store designed around the needs of vehicle owners and automotive mechanics, focusing on quality products at the best price, from global brands to the Groups’ own private label brands. 

Our mission statement emphasizes that we must create an environment in which both customers and staff can share positive experiences in pleasant surroundings.

The Midas management team are clear in the importance of uplifting our staff and their families while they work diligently to give our customers the best possible service they deserve.

Our Brand

Midas Swellendam encapsulates the Brand’s personality of being able to purchase quality products at competitive prices while providing a consistent, helpful, and friendly service.

Brand Essence

The core of the Midas identity is to be the local brand of choice and the leading provider of automobile spares and accessories in the community.  A retail store designed around the needs of any vehicle owner, focusing on various product ranges, from motor parts through to lifestyle equipment.  

Midas Swellendam

Our Story

“There are many benefits to belonging to the Midas Franchise. Perhaps the first must be that we have a “Big Daddy” looking after our interests. The work that Midas Head Office does behind the scenes procuring the best stock at competitive prices, the national advertising and the marketing support, all combine to make this partnership a valuable and a progressive one” says Peter Borgstrom, owner of Swellendam and Bredasdorp Midas.

Peter has not always been an aftermarket guy. He has an accounting background and spent the first 20 years working for a French Pharmaceutical Company. But he felt he needed a change. “In a moment of madness, I bought a Cape Town based panel beating business. The differences in these two industries was startling to say the least and it took me quite some years to get used the motor industry, “explains Peter.

The panel shop flourished and was eventually sold allowing Peter to ‘retire’ to his home on the Breede River. “Being scared of total retirement, I decided that a small franchised based business in Swellendam, which I could visit once or twice a week, would keep me out of harms way.”Peter Borgstrom purchased Swellendam Midas in March 2004. It was already part of the Midas family at the time. As any business owner will tell you, you are only as good as the people you employ. 

Peter speaks highly of general manager , Barry Saaiman.Barry joined the existing 2 man team in Swellendam in May 2004. By September 2004, Swellendam team grew to 4 members.

Once Swellendam shop was nicely on its way, they opened Bredasdorp Midas in March 2008. Over the years Swellendam and Bredasdorp Midas grew into, two well oiled machines, respected by suppliers and customers. The company employs 17 staff members, and we pride ourselves that most of the ladies who joined as juniors, are now some of our best counter staff.

Both shops on separate occasions have been named Western Cape Franchise of the year, a proud achievement. So why does the Midas Franchise model work, being allowed to run our business within the Midas frame (but with our own personal input) means that we can adapt the marketing strategies to suit our market. Markets change from place to place. 

What sells in Swellendam, doesn’t necessarily do well in Bredasdorp. Knowing our individual markets means that using the Midas Franchise Model gives us maximum flexibility within the Midas Framework. The sales team of Swellendam and Bredasdorp Midas strive to deliver a high quality service to there customers, in a hope that they will return for another great shopping experience.

Midas Swellendam
Purpose / Vision / Mission

With our core values of Family, Entrepreneurship, and Customer at the center of everything we do; Midas Swellendam is designed around the needs of any vehicle owner, focused on automotive parts and accessories through to lifestyle equipment. Passionate about the brand, family, our customers, all for the love of cars.


The most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse. We don’t make excuses, we find solutions for our customers. We are serving customers, not a life sentence we need to enjoy our work – service, is not what you do, but who you are! If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will – our customers are at the center of what we do.

Barry Saaiman

General Manager, Midas Swllendam / Bredasdorp

Midas Swellendam


Giving Back

Midas as a group, encourage all Midas Store Owners, throughout South Africa, to support Corporate Social Responsibility as part of our roles within the communities we serve.

Both our stores support the above policy. There are different organizations in both Swellendam and Bredasdorp that we serve. We maintain our moral and ethical obligations with regards to our employees, the environment, the economy, and several other areas of society which our business affects.

These procedures are put into action as part of self-imposed corporate governance that is designed to ensure our business operations are ethical and beneficial for our local community and surrounding areas.

We support a range of organizations from schools to Residences for the Aged, and several associated organizations.

Everything you will need
to keep your cars, trucks, and tractors
in good working order.

Midas Swellendam designed around the needs of any vehicle owner, focusing on
various product ranges, from motor parts and accessories through to lifestyle equipment.


Automotive Car Care: Car Shampoo, Dash Spray, Car Polish, Chamois, Tyre Polish and more.


Automotive Accessories: Seat Covers, Steering Wheel Covers, Wheel Covers, Mud Flaps and more.


Automotive Maintenance: Oils, Service Components, Braking Components, Timing Components.


Tools: Garage Equipment, DIY Tools, Tool Kits, Specialized Brands, Pneumatic Range and so much more.
We stock all your
favorite brands,
motor parts
and accessories!

Some of the brands we stock, for example, include; Castrol, Rally, Helix,
Osram, Ryobi, NGK, Titan, Shield, Willard and so much more.

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Added Value Services

We offer a range of specialized in-store services like battery checks for your convenience.

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Midas Swellendam – For the love of cars! We are the Market Leaders of motor parts and accessories through to lifestyle equipment.

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